About us

At Lawrence & Scott, we strive to be the epicenter of globally inspired design. We work tirelessly to create exceptional products that delight and enthrall our clients; carefully curating the best materials and textures whilst implementing cutting-edge innovative manufacturing methods to achieve the highest levels of bespoke luxury and functionality.

We work intimately with our designers, engineers, production experts and exceptional artisans both in-house and around the globe.

Intention drives the details, and every aspect of our products is scrutinized throughout the process.

Our Mission

Our Values

  • We are inspired by the beauty of different cultures and their interpretation of nature.
  • We treasure timeless, exceptional craftsmanship to create designs that will stand the test of time.
  • We respect our artisans, employees, partnerships and communities so we can take care of our customers with exceptional service.
  • We are stewards of this planet, and we implement sustainability practices throughout the entire organization.

Today, Lawrence & Scott is a wholly owned brand of WEVE Design, founded by Leo Lam and his wife Hannah Larson.

Dr. Lam is a serial entrepreneur with decades of experience in executive-level, high-end product development, medical devices/software, SaaS and strategic consulting. His focus has always been delighting clients, whether it is through reducing suffering, saving lives or creating delightful experience for end customers. Besides the businesses he started or run, he is also a multi-award-winning fashion photographer and a former faculty in Electrical Engineering at The University of Washington. He still actively mentors teams of innovators in Seattle, and is a proud three-times Husky (PhD, Master, Faculty!).

Hannah is a retired ballerina. She is also a popular blogger on sustainability and science-based, healthy living at Hannah Larson - The Healthful Model. Besides being a sought-after fashion model, you will occasionally find her on King5’s New Day NW.


Our History

Lucia Lawrence and Lloyd Scott Kirsch founded Lawrence and Scott over 6 decades ago with the intention of intermeshing Asian design and unparalleled quality. We will continue to transcend the legacy of Lawrence and Scott, innovating through a global perspective and adapting as design evolves while emphasizing the foundational importance of ubiquitous craftsmanship.

From our distinctive, award-winning lamps to our carefully curated selection of home interior decorative products, every piece is stroked with unrivaled craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail.