LIULI Crystal Art Crystal Koi with 24k Gold Leaf (Limited Edition)

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The Collection: Bathed in an Auspicious Glow, a Full Moon Rendezvous. Heaven and Earth in Harmony.

Design Concept:

The “Beautiful World” collection draws on the concept of balance and harmony.  In this piece, a calming stability is found in the never-ceasing movement of the ocean.  The affinity between moon and sea is found in the constant ebb and flow of the tide, and those that swim in between the two can be found surging through life, leaping over the legendary dragon gate to grow and evolve.  “Across the Nine Heavens we leap” shows the many depths of harmony—found in the balance of its design as well as an existential balance of the subjects alluded to here.

Across the Nine Heavens We Leap

The constant moon -
past, present, forevermore.
Encapsulated in light,
one leap takes you
across Dragon Gate.




12.40"L x 6.69"D x 13.19"H inches


Crystal Glass, 24k Gold Plated


Pate de Verre, Gilded

Limited Edition:

580 pieces (Worldwide)


28 lb

* Note: As the art pieces are individually hand-made, the color and dimensions will vary slightly.

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