LIULI Crystal Art Fine Crystal, Chrysanthemum, Lunar Treasure Chest, Holiday Special Set of 2, Jewelry or Candy Box

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This set of two treasure chests features Chrysanthemum flowers in layers, blooming in profusion, symbolizing longevity and eternal love. Because of its generous and radiant bloom, they have become a symbol of auspiciousness. The domed lid makes extra room for your treasures and is visually appealing with floral motifs in relief. No matter the passage of time, the love symbolized by the treasures in this container will never falter. The purple color epitomizes elegance and the sky blue represents positivity and optimism. This could be used as a jewelry chest or candy storage.

Holiday Limited edition 100 sets in the U.S.A.

Lunar Treasure Chest (Special Set of 2)

Lunar Treasure Chest
The full moon is a treasure chest,
your dreams basking in its glow.
A whole person is as much,
dreams manifesting forevermore.
Delve into your soul,
honor your secrets,
and believe in a world of beauty.

花月藏 (獨家限量二件套裝組)


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Large: 4.13"L x 4.13"D x 2.28"H inches
Small: 2.56"L x 2.56"D x 2.24"H inches


Lead Crystal

Limited Edition:

100 Sets in the U.S. While supplies last.

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