LIULI Crystal Art Crystal Chrysanthemum, Lunar Jewelry Box in Amber

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Design Concept:

The design references ancient Chinese lidded containers; we offer three sizes - large, medium and small.

Chrysanthemum were introduced to Japan from China. Because of its generous and radiant bloom, they quickly became a symbol of auspiciousness. Originally cultivated for medicinal purposes, they are believed to enhance longevity and ward off illness; chrysanthemum wine is said to stop the aging process. In the past, people from the Ryukyu Islands would use the chrysanthemum motif on vessels, porcelain and clothing made from Okinawan bingata fabric. They also made vessels and other objects in the shape of chrysanthemum.

The stacked container is ergonomically designed and easier to handle than our first generation  Bliss of moon and chrysanthemum(菊月合喜containers. The domed lid makes extra room for your treasures and is visually appealing with floral motifs in relief.

The pattern features clusters of flowers in layers, large and small, blooming in profusion. No matter the passage of time, the love symbolized by the treasures in this container will never falter.

Lunar Treasure Chest

The full moon is a treasure chest,
your dreams basking in its glow.
A whole person is as much,
dreams manifesting forevermore.
Delve into your soul,
honor your secrets,
and believe in a world of beauty.



Item No.:



5.31"L x 5.31"D x 1.69"H inches


Crystal Glass


Pate de Verre

* Note: As the art pieces are individually hand-made, the color and dimensions will vary slightly.

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