LIULI Crystal Art Crystal Bamboo Bowl, The Four Gentlemen-The Green Gentleman, Royal Purple Clear (Limited Edition)

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Note: This artwork will be out of edition soon. Limited quantity available in U.S.

The Collection: The Four Gentleman, Barware

Coming from the series “The Four Gentlemen – Crystal Bowl,” this glass piece is LIULI’s take on the titular bamboo of the summer season.  The inspiration is derived from an artistic and literary motif as old as the Song Dynasty, commonly referred to as “the Four Gentlemen.”  In classical depiction, each season of the year is represented by its most characteristic flower (or plant).  Here, the bamboo stands both firmly and elegantly in the heat of summer, providing a sanctuary of solace and a place of play for all its inhabitants.  Exquisite little details such as a bird mid-flight and the placement of rising bubbles elevate the craftsmanship of this artwork to an astounding level—giving both nostalgia of imagery and a sentiment of the passing seasons. In “Green Gentleman,” the bamboo is a cool and gentle nod of the head to the summer season and classical literature.

The Green Gentlemen

Secluded in an elegance of darkest green,
The bamboo stands in upright virtue,
Swaying only gently in the breeze.
Before the world, it stands for the true virtue that the scholar craves.
And so let us
Exhaust the cup
And drink down the moon reflected in the wine



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3.74"L x 3.74"D x 2.56"H inches


Crystal Glass


Pate de Verre

Limited Edition:

1,450 pieces (Worldwide)

* Note: As the art pieces are individually hand-made, the color and dimensions will vary slightly.

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